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Are you serious? Strawberry shortcake instant yakisoba noodles

Myojo Yakisoba Ippei-chan Shortcake
Photo: Myojo Foods

It’s less than a month before Christmas, and you may be thinking of a Christmas cake.
Here in New Zealand, where I live, it’s common to have a rich fruit cake for Christmas.
(By the way, I thought ‘Christmas mince pie’ was made from beef mince until the very moment I had it the first time. :-))

Unlike in New Zealand, it’s quite common in Japan to have a strawberry shortcake for Christmas.
But not Strawberry shortcake instant Yakisoba noodles!!!

Strawberry shortcake instant Yakisoba noodles are set to cause a stir this Christmas (RocketNews24)

It’s available nationwide in Japan from 5 December 2016.
It comes with vanilla flavoured mayo…

This is not the first time!
Myojo released Yakisoba noodle with chocolate sauce earlier this year.
We try new yakisoba noodles with chocolate sauce (Spoiler: it’s awful) (RocketNews24)

Hmm… Strawberry shortcake Yakisoba noodle or Chocolate Yakisoba noodle…
Which would you like to try?

Must eat food in Japan

“What should I eat when I visit Japan?”

This is one of the most common questions, people ask me before they visit Japan.
Hmm… it’s a really good question.
There are so many tasty different sort of food in Japan, which I wish everyone has a chance to try.
And what I think my non-Japanese friends would like to eat (and enjoy the taste!), is not always the same as what they actually would.

So I found an interesting article on The Guardian for you, Best places to eat and drink in Japan: readers’ travel tips.
They are the Japanese food, which people tried and liked!

There are 12 travel tips for best places to eat and drink in Japan in the article, and Takoyaki (Nishiki Market in Kyoto) is the winning tip.
If you’ve never heard of Takoyaki, read the linked article. (We often say all Osaka people have at least one Takoyaki maker at home! Popular and very yummy!!!)

But for me, Okonomiyaki pancakes (Hiroshima) is definitely the winner! (I’m from Hiroshima, by the way.)
Don’t be confused with Kansai (Osaka) style Okonomiyaki.

Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki and Kansai (Osaka) style Okonomiyaki are different.
They are both tasty, but Hiroshima style is better!!! (And as you guessed, people from Osaka will say Kansai style is better if you ask them about Okonomiyaki. :-))

Okonomi Mura (in English)
Okonomi (short for Okonomiyaki) Mura(village), where 20+ eateries are in Hiroshima’s Okonomiyaki building.
The page explains about Okonomimura with a list of restaurants(eateries) and an access map.

If you are visiting the Okonomi Mura area, also check:
Restaurants near Okonomi Mura

Shirataki Noodle : no-calorie, no-carbohydrate, no-fat noodle

Can you believe there are no-calorie, no-carbohydrate, no-fat noodles?
Search Japanese Shirataki or yam noodles, or konjac on your favourite search engines to find out.

I used shirataki noodle for Sukiyaki or Nabe (Hot Pot) when I was in Japan, but shirataki noodle can be used for many other dishes.

Watch How to Make Healthy Shirataki Noodles by a Japanese chef, Atsuko Ikeda.