From Pan to Pixel: 7 Top Japanese Cooking Recipe Websites for Culinary Inspiration!

In our previous post, we showcased the 7 Must-Follow Japanese Cooking YouTube Channels. However, we understand that some of you prefer written recipes over videos.

So, we’ve got you covered! Presenting 7 popular Japanese cooking recipe websites for your culinary delight.

These websites are treasure troves of knowledge, offering a plethora of recipes, helpful tips, and cultural insights to help you master the art of Japanese cooking. Whether you’re eager to recreate authentic Japanese flavours or simply explore the culinary wonders of Japan from your own kitchen, these websites are invaluable resources to satisfy your culinary curiosity.

  1. Cookpad (クックパッド): Cookpad is one of the largest recipe-sharing platforms in Japan, offering a vast collection of user-generated recipes for various cuisines, including Japanese dishes. It provides step-by-step instructions and user reviews.
  2. Just One Cookbook: Just One Cookbook’s website complements their YouTube channel and offers a wide range of traditional and modern Japanese recipes. The site features detailed instructions, beautiful food photography, and informative articles.
  3. NHK Dining with the Chef: Dining with the Chef is the website of NHK, Japan’s national public broadcaster. It provides a comprehensive collection of Japanese recipes, cooking tips, and videos from NHK cooking shows.
    Japanese Food:
  4. Cookbuzz: Cookbuzz is a recipe website that showcases diverse recipes from around the world, including a wide selection of Japanese dishes. Users can search for recipes by ingredients, meal type, and dietary preferences.
  5. Rakuten Recipe (楽天レシピ): Rakuten Recipe is a popular recipe website associated with the Rakuten e-commerce platform. It features a vast recipe database, user ratings, and reviews. Users can also purchase ingredients directly through the website. [in Japanese]
  6. Kurashiru (クラシル): Kurashiru is a recipe website that offers a wide variety of Japanese recipes, with a focus on simplicity and ease of preparation. The site includes step-by-step photos, videos, and tips for cooking delicious meals at home. [in Japanese]
  7. Kikkoman UK A Guide to Japanese Food and Recipes: You can find all about Japanese traditional and authentic recipes in one page!

Happy Washoku & Japanese Cooking!