Sizzle and Subscriptions: 7 Must-Follow Japanese Cooking YouTube Channels for Mouthwatering Recipes!

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Discover the wonderful world of Japanese cuisine through these delightful YouTube channels. With a wide range of cooking styles and mouthwatering recipes, they bring the flavours of Japan to your fingertips, allowing you and fellow Washoku lovers to enjoy the culinary treasures of Japan from the cosy comfort of your own home.

Here are 7 must-follow Japanese cooking YouTube channels for you:

*The number of subscribers and uploaded videos is as of 21 June 2023.

  1. Cooking with Dog: Hosted by a Japanese chef and a talking dog, this channel provides easy-to-follow recipes for various Japanese dishes with English subtitles.
    @cookingwithdog | 1.61M subscribers | 386 videos
  2. Just One Cookbook: Run by a Japanese home cook, this channel offers step-by-step tutorials for traditional and modern Japanese recipes, including sushi, ramen, and desserts.
    @justonecookbook | 910K subscribers | 417 videos
  3. Peaceful Cuisine: This channel combines serene visuals with cooking, offering vegan and plant-based recipes inspired by Japanese cuisine. The videos are known for their calming atmosphere and beautiful cinematography.
    @peacefulcuisine | 2.45M subscribers | 492 videos
  4. JunsKitchen: Known for its stunning visuals and artistic presentation, JunsKitchen showcases Japanese cooking and lifestyle. The host prepares various recipes, often with a cat appearing in the background.
    @JunsKitchen | 5.33M subscribers | 43 videos
  5. Japanese Cooking 101: This channel, hosted by a Japanese duo, provides step-by-step instructions for making authentic Japanese dishes. They cover a wide range of recipes, from classics to seasonal specialties.
    @JapaneseCooking101 | 474K subscribers | 443 videos
  6. Ochikeron: Ochikeron’s channel offers fun and creative Japanese recipes suitable for home cooking. She shares her love for food with her audience and often includes cute and innovative ideas in her videos.
    @ochikeron | 927K subscribers | 980 videos
  7. Cooking with Ai: Ai’s channel focuses on healthy Japanese home cooking with a modern twist. She shares recipes for everyday meals and offers tips for easy and nutritious cooking.
    @CookingWithAi | 22.5K subscribers | 194 videos
    Note: Although it appears that this YouTube channel is no longer being updated, it is still worth checking out for its collection of Japanese home cooking videos!

Happy Washoku & Japanese Cooking!

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